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Penny HardenPenny Harden
Biblical Ministries Worldwide Deaf Churches Ministries

Penny has been serving the Lord in deaf church planting with Biblical Ministries Worldwide for over 30 years now. Her previous ministry, in Sacramento became a deaf church with deaf leaders and their own building in 1997. They now average about 100 deaf people.

In 1999, Penny moved to Vallejo, CA where she made contacts and shared the gospel with deaf people. One year later a deaf man from Sacramento commuted monthly to preach. After about 3 year,s he announced his need to phase out of the Vallejo ministry to be full time in Sacramento. A deaf missionary in Los Angeles started commuting once a month to Vallejo and a few months later the Lord moved him to Vallejo.

The goal in Vallejo is to establish a deaf church with the deaf people taking all the responsibility of leadership. Penny is involved in evangelism, discipleship, and leadership training of deaf women.